Our children visited the”Portret” magazine last week!

 Our children visited the”Portret” magazine last week.
The goal of this field trip was introducing the children with the world of journalism and what it takes to create a magazine.
The children were all excited and eager to learn something new. 
The editor Mrs. Ruzica Antik explained to the children, what it takes to be a journalist, what are the main responsibilities and tasks. We also saw how the whole process of creating an issue of a magazine flows, what’s an interview.  
We met her co-workers, photographs, graphics designers etc. 
All in all it was a splendid experience for all of us. 
Many THANKS to the PORTRET team! 

Winter is fun and magical

Winter is fun and magical. Even if we are not so lucky to have snow outside so far, we still have many winter activities happening in the clasrooms.
We explore ice and water and how every snowflack is unique. Kids are naturally curious and they like to know what animals do during the winter months.
They learned that some of the animals go into a rest and deep sleep until spring. The winter season is the perfect time for children to learn about hibernation.

Learning about vehicles is amazing!

The natural interest in transportation is something that preshoolers experience in their LIVES trough play but also throug real life. πŸšœπŸ›΄ 
This month was filled with many activities and outdoor adventures.We’ve visited the Fire Station and met a firefighter with his full gear! πŸš’ 
We also took the children on a short train ride. πŸš‰
Learning about vehicles is amazing! 

September is β€œAll about me”!

September is β€œAll about me”! We realize that every person is unique and special. 
We learn to identify and name our emotions and explore the world through our senses. We help our children to become more aware about healthy food and make healthy choices. πŸ₯• πŸ
Polite words and good manners are also our goal!