Ips International Classes

Baby Group (ages 8 months – 2 years)

There are many physical, emotional, and social skills that can be gained from baby group activities. The baby group introduces a whole new world of adventure for babies from 8 months and up. Trained caregivers provide a secure and nurturing atmosphere as they care for babies in our program. The activities in this group are based on playing and exploring in a safe area with good range of toys, including larger equipment. Songs and finger plays are wonderful activities for baby groups. We use silly songs, nursery rhymes, and finger plays. In addition to being fun and gaining smiles, babies gain fine motor skills from hand motions, vocal skills through singing, and positive brain stimulation through music. Even young babies that cannot physically participate gain positive effects by seeing and hearing the interactions. Baby group is a great way for babies to learn social skills. During group activities and games where caregivers are interacting, babies can watch one another introduce socialization. Every day walks in the park, or by the river side, can help the babies learn and explore nature and outside world.


Small Class (age 2-3 years)

In the youngest group, children learn a variety of important cognitive, social and motor skills that are continually reinforced throughout the school day. Through much play, both structured and unstructured, these young children are given ample opportunity to explore the world around them and learn to get along with others. During free play time, the teachers actively encourage the children to play with the wide variety of toys, puzzles and games in the room either on their own or in pairs or small groups, all the while the teaching such basic concepts as sharing and turn- taking. At project time, children experiment with paper, paint, glue, and other materials to create their own works of art. At the same time they begin to learn about such concepts as shapes, colours, animals and people, among other things. During story time, children learn about the joy of reading while developing good listening skills. At music time, children learn to sing songs and express themselves through dance. In general, all activities are tailored to the particular needs of every young child.


Middle Class (age 3-4 years)

Children in the middle group participate in many of the same activities as those in the youngest group but at a more challenge level to further stimulate the development of their cognitive, social and motor skills. The curriculum is organized around themes which are integrated into all program arias—early literacy and language arts, music and arts and crafts. For example, when learning about animals, the children may listen to stories about see creatures, act out a role of various jungle creatures, memorize rhymes about dogs, sing about tigers, and make masks about farm animals. At this level the children are introduced to the letters of the alphabet and the numbers from 1 to12, learning not only to recognize them but also to write them. They also strengthen their social skills through games as they learn how to win and lose with grace and during snack time when they learn basic rules of etiquette. Like the younger children, the children in the middle group have ample opportunity for free play in both the indoor and outdoor play area. The second semester will introduce the Beka Book curriculum.


Big Class (age 4-5 years)

The curriculum for the older children is based on the Advanced Beka Book Series, a home schooling literacy program from the United States. Under the guidance of our most experienced teacher, children work through a sequentially organized program in phonics, reading and writing, in which thy learn the names, sounds and pictures all the letters and letter blends in the English alphabet, the basics of reading, and how to write lower and upper-case letters to form simple words. For children over the age of five, IPS offers another program focusing on the continued development of literacy, mathematics, and foreign language skills. In addition, like the younger groups, children in the older group have many opportunities to express themselves creatively in dramatic play, music class and a variety of art projects.


Kindergarten (age 5 -6 years)

Enrolling your children in our kindergarten program will give them the best start in life and help prepare them for school. Your 5 year old will take part in play-based learning, developing early literacy and numeric concepts and communication skills which will help their reading and writing ability. Our kindergarten program provides opportunities for learning, self-expression and self discovery in a variety of areas in music, drama, games, and language activities assisted by the teachers.

The only condition to organize and open this group is to have number of six children who will be leaded by one teacher.


Ips Bilingual (macedonian/english) Classes

  • Toddler Class (2-3 years)
  • First Class (3-4 years)
  • Second Class (4-5 years)