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Why the Middle Years Programme


MYP students are confident and independent in managing their learning

The MYP incorporates skills, helping students to learn how to learn. MYP students become aware of their learning strengths and weaknesses and they improve their skills in areas such as time management, communication, self-management, research, and thinking, as well as improving their social skills. Students in the MYP also engage in an extended “Personal Project” which teaches them to complete a project from a concept to a finished product, and to reflect on this process as well.

MYP students do better than non-IB students in higher order thinking skills such as analyzing and evaluating information

Teachers ask students to explain their reasoning and to use their research to support their opinion. Students continuously analyze the quality of their information and approach problems from different perspectives.  They design their own experiments and challenge each other through discussions.

MYP students are better writers and researchers

Students in the MYP conduct hands-on research based on real world information and situations. They are taught to evaluate their sources and how to apply the information they find. Many projects are documented through written reports, with correct citation and bibliographies, and students regularly write reflections about the learning process and outcomes.

MYP students have better affective skills

Throughout the MYP students work on developing their emotional intelligence. They learn how to manage stress, overcome challenges and how to be more resilient. These skills are valuable throughout a student’s life.

MYP students understand how to transfer what they have learned to new situations

Students don’t just learn knowledge, but they also learn larger concepts. These concepts (such as identity, aesthetics, community, etc.) allow students to see the bigger picture of what they are learning and to use what they have learned in other situations helping them to understand their subjects in greater depth.

MYP students know how to engage in meaningful service

CAS is an integral part of the IB Diploma. Students in the MYP often initiate projects or activities which can then form the basis for their Creativity, Action and Service in the Diploma. One benefit is that the experience they gain in organizing events, fundraising, joining sports teams or supporting their local communities ensures that they don’t have to reinvent the wheel in Grade 10 and 11. Moreover, on a deeper level, engaging in service helps students to think about and define their learning outcomes, while the process of planning and carrying out CAS activities further promotes students’ leadership skills.

In their own words, the IB Middle Years Programme explained by IB students and teachers